Scenarios for 2030

The four USG 2030 scenarios, co-developed by the NLM 2030 Taskforce and the Invent the Beyond MOOC participants provide four very different future narratives that higher education stakeholders can use to populate and plan for possible futures.  By ‘populating’ each of these scenarios with avatars for the three stakeholder groups—the Taskforce would be able to identify the critical success factors necessary for each of these communities to thrive and succeed in 2030—and the implications for new learning and new business models the System will need to invent and implement to support its students, faculty and institutions.

The resulting expertly led and widely crowd-sourced framework provided participants with a model and materials that they can use to conduct and envision even more detailed scenarios specific to their needs and situations.  The concluding session of the series--a live webinar that you can still view online--served as a culmination of the collaborative work of hundreds of participants and leaders to highlight the factors that emerged as critical to the success of higher education in the future.


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